Considering MAG or WAG Classes?

Nic competing on the rings at the Australian Championships. Nic joined a competitive gymnastics class at Eureka in 2014.
Nic competing for Victoria on the rings at the Australian Championships. Photo by WinkiPop Media. Image used with permission.

Is Competitive Gymnastics Right for My Child?

Are you considering a Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) or Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) class for your son or daughter? Doing high-level competitive gymnastics can be extremely rewarding, although it requires a big commitment from both the athlete and their family.

We have put together the following documents to help answer your questions about our competitive program:

Mietta placed 1st on vault in the 2019 Senior Victorian Championships

Eureka Gymnastics Club is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria.

MAG and WAG Classes at Eureka

Gymnasts in MAG and WAG classes train up to five days a week and attend competitions around Victoria and interstate, depending on their level. In fact, Senior WAG gymnasts from Eureka have even competed overseas! Eureka Gymnastics Club is the only club in Ballarat to have gymnasts selected to represent Victoria to compete at the Australian Championships.

However, we understand that not every child is able to make the kind of commitment required to be successful in MAG or WAG. For these gymnasts, we also run Gymstar classes. Gymnasts in these classes also have the opportunity to compete at competitions around Victoria.

To join a MAG or WAG classes, gymnasts must do a trial class so our coaches can assess their suitability for these programs. So, if you’d like to arrange a trial class for your child please contact us! If your son or daughter is accepted into a MAG or WAG class, they won’t continue training in a Gymstar classes.

How are MAG and WAG classes different from Gymstar?

The primary difference between Men’s and Women’s Artistic classes is the standard of competition and the skills trained. The Gymstar program is a Gym for All (GfA) program, and gymnasts in this program will have the opportunity to compete around Victoria.

Gymstar Competitions

Gymstar is a recreational gymnastics program. The Gymstar program gives athletes the chance to participate in competitions that are structured to be enjoyable, positive and supportive. In Gymstar competitions, the emphasis is on the execution of skills and performance of routines, rather than difficulty. So, Gymstar is perfect for gymnasts who want to train limited hours or prefer a less competitive environment.

Men’s and Women’s Artistic Competitions

In Men’s and Women’s Artistic classes, the focus is on continually training harder and more difficult skills. Similar to Gymstar classes, gymnasts in these classes compete in competitions around Victoria. In fact, depending on their level these athletes can qualify for the Victorian Championships and represent Victoria at the Australian Championships. These classes provide a pathway for boys and girls to compete at an elite (Olympic) level.