Why Eureka?

Gymnastics is great for kids under 5.

Why do gymnastics?

There are many sports for children to choose from in Ballarat, and many sporting clubs to join. So why do gymnastics?  The number one reason: it’s fun!  Where else can children run, jump, bounce, swing and flip all in one class?

Our Mission:

To provide a fun and safe recreational and competitive gymnastics experience which is welcoming to all and inspires excellence in everyone who is associated with Eureka Gymnastics Club.

Gymnastics is a sport about body control: an individual uses only their muscles to manipulate their body shape, which allows them to perform gymnastics skills.  Knowing how to land when going for a mark is vital for a footballer’s safety.  Being strong enough to jump high is important for a netballer.  Having good upper body strength is important for a sprinter.

Gymnastics is one of the only sports children can start as soon as they can walk.  Children can’t do football or netball as a toddler, but in a gymnastics classes children can learn how to climb and jump and flip and bounce and land safely. Gymnastics has non-physical benefits too, and these help with school, social interaction, and even other sports.  Many of the world’s best athletes started in gymnastics. Gymnastics teaches confidence, balance, strength, coordination and flexibility, but is it is fun!

Convinced your child will enjoy gymnastics? Just contact us through this website, by phone or social media.

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Why join Eureka?

Our Vision:

Eureka Gymnastics Club strives to be the leading Gymnastics Club in regional Victoria

Girls at the South West Regional Championships

We are a not for profit club, which means all our income goes to one of three things: coaches wages, building expenses, or new equipment and coach development. All committee positions are voluntary. This means all our resources go towards making this club the best it can be for the people it is really for: the children of Ballarat!

We are a gymnastics club for everyone, from the young to the young at heart! We run Gymstar classes that teach skills that children can take into other sports or other aspects of their life, from how to jump and land safely to how to rotate through the air and land safely. We offer competitive gymnastics classes that push children to the limit of their ability while ensuring that their sport of choice remains fun. Gymnastics develops physical and mental abilities in young children, and these abilities help your child in almost any other sport.

Our classes for Under 5s teach the fundamentals of gymnastics! Our coaches teach real gymnastics skills, which will help your child develop their gross motor skills with the side benefits of helping them learn to be away from their parents, listen to another adult give instructions, and integrate with other children – all great benefits for children when they start school!

Gymstar classes are for school-aged children where they will learn skills on both men’s and women’s apparatus. Our lessons follow the Gymstar levels, which progressively increase in difficulty. Gymnasts in the Gymstar program also have the opportunity to compete at competitions throughout Victoria, showing off the skills they have learnt!

Rings is just one of the apparatus your child will get to experience!

We run a very competitive Women’s Artistic and Men’s Artistic programs and have had success at every level including gymnasts who have won medals at Regional Championships, Victorian Championships, Australian Championships and even competitions overseas. Eureka is the only club in Ballarat to have gymnasts and coaches selected to represent Victoria.

Whether your child is just looking for something to do on their free night every week or wants to represent Victoria, we have a class for them!

What will my child get out of it?

Gymnastics has many benefits: it develops confidence and balance, it builds strength and flexibility, it teaches persistence and patience.

Our Goals:

  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of gymnastics
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to compete at local, state and national levels
  • Provide inclusive participation in local sport for everyone

Strength and flexibility

Gymnasts are stronger than the majority of other children of a similar age because just about every activity in gymnastics involves carrying your own body weight – on either your feet or your hands!


Gymnastics teaches children to believe in themselves and grow in their ability to do things. Walking across a 10 cm beam is difficult for the first time but with practice, it gets easier.


Being able to set and achieve goals for yourself is an important life skill, and this is a key component of gymnastics training. When kids want to achieve a skill, they need to learn how to take what their coach tells them and implement it.

Overcoming fear

In addition to improving self-confidence, gymnastics gives children the tools to overcome fear. Walking along a beam is scary. Jumping from one bar to catch another bar is scary. Through training in gymnastics children develop self-reliance, which is important for school or other sports, and in their working life when they grow up.

Think your son or daughter might enjoy gymnastics?

We run classes for girls and boys of all ages and levels of ability. Check them out, or if you can’t decide just give us a call or send us an email!

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