Online Gymnastics Classes

A photo of a girl walking along a beam. Online classes are full of activities kids can do at home.
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Gymnastics for Kids at Home

Your child can still do gymnastics during the lockdown! While the gym is closed, we are taking Under 5s and Gymstar classes online! Our online gymnastics classes are full of gymnastics activities – including stretches and strength work – that your kids can do at home! In fact, all they need an open space they can use where they won’t hit any furniture or people.

To do gymnastics at home in an online class, your child will need:

  • An internet connection
  • An open space (we suggest about a 3×3 square or larger, for privacy please no bedrooms)
  • A raised surface, about knee height (a couch or chair will be fine)

Do Gymnastics at Home

We are using Microsoft Teams for online classes. You can access this platform through a web browser, desktop app or search the app store on your phone. The confirmation email contains a link to join the class. If your child can’t attend an online class, we’ve also got great videos that your child can follow when they have time!

If your child would like to join a class, you just need to enrol them by requesting a class through the Parent Portal, or contact us for more information. Eureka Gymnastics Club runs classes for kids in the Ballarat area, but online classes are available to anyone! We are running classes are for children ages 3 and up.

We are very conscious of families differing financial circumstances at this time. To ensure that no child is disadvantaged and everyone has equal access to all that the club can offer at this time, there is no charge for our online classes. However, if you are in a financial position to do so we would appreciate a one-off contribution of $50 to help us cover building costs and other expenses that are not covered by subsidies from the government.