Sleep Habits

Good Sleep Habits are Important for Gymnasts

Sleep helps gymnasts recover from exercise and optimise their performance in training and competition. In addition, research from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) on elite junior tennis players found that good sleep habits can also affect the general health and wellbeing of athletes. So, it is important that gymnasts have good sleep habits.

Jonathon Lever, an Honours student at UTAS said that good sleep habits are invaluable for athletes of all ages but particularly junior athletes.

“Athlete wellbeing, particularly for junior athletes who are juggling sporting, social and academic commitments along with the general stresses and challenges of being an adolescent, is of utmost importance.”

Jonathon Lever, Honours student, University of Tasmania
Sleep hygiene is important for gymnasts to recover from training.

Suggestions to Develop Good Sleep Hygiene

Good sleep is more likely if your bedroom feels restful and comfortable.

  • Make sure the room is at the right temperature.
  • Ensure the room is dark enough.
  • If you can’t control noise (such as barking dogs or loud neighbours), buy a pair of earplugs.
  • Get up at the same time every day (even on weekends). By having a good routine of going to bed and getting up this helps to ‘set’ your body clock.
  • Try not to do homework or other activities that you need to think about close to bedtime.
  • Warm milk contains chemicals that help you fall asleep and is great to have before bed.
  • Unwind by taking a warm bath (which is good for muscle recovery too!) or reading a book