Club update from Caleb

Under Step 3, for Regional Victoria indoor sport venues are considered open but heavily restricted.  
In summary, that means: 

Remaining closed for indoor operations but classes can be conducted outdoors with no shared equipment, and
Open for recording and broadcast permitted only with minimum number of people required to conduct the recording/streaming, up to 5 people.

This morning I continued direct discussions with the Head of Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). The conditions outlined above are different to what had been proposed by SRV to DHHS as a safe and responsible return to indoor, non-contact sport venues. We will continue to advocate for the best possible conditions.  

We understand this is tough news and are committed to doing what we can to advocate for gymnastics to open safely and to continue the request for funding relief.  

Never has clear, unified advocacy been so important for our sport.

GV CEO, Robin O’Neil, on Tuesday 15th September

What this means for Eureka

It is incredibly disappointing to me personally that gymnastics clubs in regional Victoria are not permitted to run classes indoors. We will continue to run classes online with the potential of some classes outdoors. The coaches are discussing this at the moment. More information will be provided about this soon. Please note there are some dates soon when classes are not running, which are listed below.

Sign the petition asking that gymnastics clubs be permitted to open when schools do

What We Are Doing

Advocacy Campaign

Eureka is supporting an advocacy campaign initiated by Gymnastics Victoria in coordination with both Gymnastics Victoria and other clubs around the state. The campaign is to secure a one-off grant and to put pressure on the government to allow clubs to reopen in line with schools returning to face-to-face learning. You can help us and all clubs around Victoria in this campaign just by liking and sharing all social media posts in support of this cause by Eureka and Gymnastics Victoria over the coming weeks! I am hopeful that this campaign will have an impact on the policy.

Online Petition

If you would like to add your name to the growing list of members of the gymnastics community asking that gymnastics clubs to be permitted to open when schools resume face-to-face learning, you can do so here.

Break in Training

Gymstar and Under 5s Classes

There will be no classes running during the week starting 21/09/2020 or the week starting 28/09/2020. Classes resume at the same times (and using the same links) from the week starting 5/10/2020. However, if your child is not enrolled in a class and would like to join, please contact Kara!

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MAG and WAG Classes

There will be no classes running during the week starting 21/09/2020. Classes resume at the same times (and using the same links) from the week starting 28/09/2020.

Eureka Face Masks

Don’t forget you can now order Eureka face masks! They cost $14.95 each, and the club is not making any money from the sale of these masks.

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