Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Classes on break for the school holidays
Online classes finish on Saturday 19th September. Gymstar and Under 5s classes resume from the week of Monday 5th October. MGA and WAG classes go back the week of Monday 28th September.

Competitive Girls Gymnastics Classes

A gymnast after competing at the Victorian Championships, showing the medals and trophy she won.
Gemma, placed 2nd all-around competing at the 2019 Senior Victorian Championships in Level 8 Division 2 15&O.

Women’s Artistic competitive gymnastics classes are for girls who want to compete in high-level gymnastics. These classes offer girls the opportunity to compete in competitions around Victoria. In addition, gymnasts even have the opportunity to compete in interstate or international competitions at higher levels.

Eureka is the only club in Ballarat to have gymnasts – both girls and boys – selected to represent Victoria at the Australian Championships.

Girls Competitive at Eureka

We have a long and proud history of outstanding gymnasts at Eureka Gymnastics Club. In fact, that history includes medalists at Australian and Victorian Championships! Additionally, the coaches that work in the WAG classes at Eureka are some of the highest-qualified in Ballarat. Our Head Coach (who is also the Senior WAG coach) has represented Victoria on multiple occasions.

So, if you think your daughter might enjoy girl’s competitive gymnastics classes, be sure to check out this information. If you’d like to arrange a trial in a Women’s Artistic class, please contact us.

The Australian Levels Program

Gymnasts learn the routines that are set by Gymnastics Australia and are used nationwide. Girls compete on four apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor.

Levels 1-2

In these levels, girls learn the basics of competitive gymnastics and develop key skills needed for higher levels. In order to help these girls focus on performance without worrying about being in front of an audience, gymnasts only compete at in-house competitions at Eureka.

Level 5 competitive girls at competition
Level 5 gymnasts at a competition

Levels 3-7

The competition season for levels 3-7 runs from July to November. Gymnasts compete in different Divisions, which are decided based on their level, age and ability. These gymnasts can compete in the Victorian Championships in their respective Division, but they must qualify first.

Levels 8-10

Just like ALP levels 3-7, gymnasts in levels 8-10 compete in different Divisions depending on level, age and ability. The competition season for these levels runs from March to June both Divisions. Gymnasts can compete in the Senior Victorian Championships, however, they must qualify for this event.