Under 5s

Gymnastics classes give your child the best start in life!

There are many benefits young kids get from getting into a gymnastics class because gymnastics is a sport that will help kids develop gross motor skills, confidence and social skills – all great things for kids under 5! Once children turn 5 or start school they can join one of our Gymstar classes.

See available classes on our Parent Portal, contact us or call 0403 506 322 for more information and book a free trial!

Pre-school (3-5 years)

Pre-school classes are designed to introduce your 3-5-year-old son or daughter to the world of gymnastics! These classes help develop toddlers gross motor skills, listening skills, coordination and balance which builds a foundation enabling them to continue to higher levels of gymnastics or any other sport. We teach fundamental gymnastics skills and shapes in these classes, through fun activities and games.  There’s no singing, no crafts, and all classes are run by an accredited gymnastics coach. Parents do not participate in Pre-school classes.

These classes give children the ideal base to enter Eureka’s Gymstar, Women’s Artistic, or Men’s Artistic programs. You can see available classes on our Parent Portal, or just contact us if you have a question.

Foundational (2 years)

More information soon!

Parent Portal

See available classes on our Parent Portal.

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Suitable clothing

Gymnasts must be appropriately dressed for their classes. For girls, leotards are preferred but stretchy tight fitting shorts or leggings and t-shirt are acceptable (no skirts). For boys, stretchy close fitting shorts and t-shirt are acceptable. Underwear should be worn under leotards. Gymnasts are not permitted to wear socks at any time. In winter months, track pants are acceptable, but should not cover the feet and should not have pockets, and a long sleeve top is recommended and can be worn over a leotard.

No: costumes, capes, belts, buckles, zips, jewellery, any items that can scratch the gymnast, the coach, or the equipment.