Under 5s

Classes on break for the school holidays
Online classes finish on Saturday 19th September. Gymstar and Under 5s classes resume from the week of Monday 5th October. MGA and WAG classes go back the week of Monday 28th September.
Walking along the beam builds confidence and balance.

Gymnastics Classes for Little Children

Joining a gymnastics class is a wonderful way for toddlers to be active!

There are many benefits little kids get from joining a gymnastics club! Young kids involved in gymnastics classes develop their gross motor skills, confidence and social skills faster – all of which help them as they start school. Coaches accredited by Gymnastics Victoria run all our classes.

Under 5s classes at Eureka introduce your 3-5-year-old son or daughter to the world of gymnastics! We teach the essential gymnastics skills and shapes in these classes, through fun circuits and activities and games. These skills make a foundation that is a great launchpad into our Gymstar, Women’s Artistic, or Men’s Artistic programs – or any other sport! Additionally, children learn important social skills, how to listen to a teacher, and how to wait their turn.

Although parents do not participate in classes at Eureka Gymnastics, we require at least one parent to stay for the duration of the class. We also may ask parents to assist their child to participate in the class.

See available classes and request a trial on our Parent Portal, or contact us or call 0403 506 322 for more information!