Teens & Adults

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Gymnastics is flipping fun!

In addition to our Gymstar classes, Eureka offers classes that focus on just tumbling – great for dancers, cheerleaders or anyone involved in martial arts – and classes that focus on gymnastic-based strength – great for anyone!

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a girl in handstand
You can learn to do a handstand!

Allstar Tumbling

Learn to flip, off a tramp, on the floor, over objects! No experience is required, but participation in one of our Gymstar class, or a background in dance or cheerleading will be an advantage. This class is for boys and girls ages 7 and up.

Gym Strength

This fitness class is ideal for girls and boys enrolled in our Gymstar classes or those involved in other sports who want to build their strength and flexibility!

Participants will run through various gymnastics-based strength and flexibility activities including circuits and partner strength. Each session is run by a qualified gymnastics coach! It will be a whole-body workout, but if individuals have specific areas they would like to work on this can be accommodated. It is open to men and women and runs for the duration of the school term.


This class is also great for gymnasts, ex-gymnasts, or anyone who wants to practice tumbling and acro skills. Regardless of if you’ve just finished training or you have been out of the gym for some years, this class has something for you! Participants must be 16 years or older to enrol. Previous experience is an advantage, but beginners are always welcome!