Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Nic at the Australian Championships. Boys can achieve great things doing gymnastics!
Nic at the Australian Championships.

Men’s Gymnastics at Eureka

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) classes are for boys who want to represent Eureka at competitions around the state and country. At Eureka Gymnastics Club, we run classes for boys for levels 0-10. In men’s gymnastics classes, boys learn routines and compete on six apparatus: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. Gymnastics Australia sets the requirements for the routines at each level, and they are used around the country.

So, if you think your son might enjoy Men’s Artistic Gymnastics please be sure to read this information. Or, if you’d like to arrange a trial class. please contact us.

Gymnastics Classes for Boys in Ballarat

Level 1-4

Gymnasts in these levels compete up to six times in a year. The skills needed for competitions routines are taught during the classes, but the primary focus of these classes is to develop key shapes and skills. To perform these routines, the gymnasts attend competitions in Melbourne and Geelong. Additionally, any gymnast in levels 3 or higher can also be selected for the State Development Squad. The competition season runs from July to November.

James performing on mushroom (an apparatus used in boys gymnastics).
James on mushroom at competition. (Photo used with permission of Winkipop Media)

Level 5-10

At higher levels, gymnasts can qualify to compete in the Victorian Championships. As with the junior levels, athletes in levels 7-10 can also be selected to represent Victoria and compete at the Australian Championships. Depending on their performance at the Victorian Championships, boys in levels 5-10 are also eligible for selection to the State Development Squad. The competition season runs from March to June.