Gymstar: Gymnastics for Kids

Children’s Gymnastics Classes

children's gymnastics classes help kids build strength and confidence
Rings is one of the many apparatus kids use in gymnastics

Walk along the balance beam, hang on the rings, swing on the bars, bounce on the trampoline! Your child can do these things and more in a gymnastics class. In fact, children’s gymnastics classes are one of the best activities for kids there is! You can read about all the benefits for children enrolled in a gymsport!

You can see the classes we run each day – and request a free trial class – on our Parent Portal. Alternatively, please give us a call on 0403 506 322 or contact us for more information.

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What is Gymstar?

Gymstar is a children’s gymnastics program designed and maintained by Gymnastics Victoria. Made up of ten levels, gymnasts start at level 1 and learn skills on each apparatus. The skills in each level build on the skills in the previous level.

For example, in gymstar level 1 children will learn how to do a forward roll. They start by using a wedge, to help them roll. Then they progress to doing this on the floor. Around level 5, gymnasts learn how to do this on the balance beam. Eventually, in level 7 and above, they learn how to do a front salto on the floor.

There are six apparatus used in Gymstar classes: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, parallel bars, rings, and floor. You can see some of our gymnasts in action on Facebook and Instagram.

Gymnastics for Beginners to Advanced

Gymstar classes are for children ages five and up for kids in the Ballarat area. We run gymnastics classes that are suitable for beginners, and those who have been involved in gymnastics for a while! Our coaches accredited by Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. Start gymnastics in a Gymstar class at Eureka Gymnastics Club today!

Children’s Gymnastics Classes at Eureka

At Eureka Gymnastics Club, our coaches assess gymnasts regularly throughout the term during their lessons. So, once they reach the pass mark, they earn a certificate and can move to the next level class.

Kids who do gymnastics are stronger than those who don't
Kids who do gymnastics are stronger than those who don’t

Gymstar 1-4

In the first four levels, gymnasts learn skills like supports on uneven and parallel bars, cartwheels and backward rolls on floor, turns and leaps on the balance beam, and how to land to a crash mat from a height.

Gymstar 5-10

In higher levels, gymnasts learn acrobatic skills like front and back saltos on floor and cartwheels and walkovers on the beam. In addition, they also learn strength skills on the rings, forward rolls and swings in support on parallel bars, and how to vault over the vault table to land on their feet.