Gymnastics is a great activity for kids of any age!

Why should your child do gymnastics? There are many benefits kids get from getting into a gymnastics class because gymnastics is a sport that helps children to improve coordination, learn movement patterns that will help them in any other sport, to set and work towards goals, and develop social skills.

At Eureka Gymnastics Club, our recreational classes follow the Gymstar program, set by Gymnastics Victoria. Starting in level 1, children learn the foundational movements of gymnastics and progressing through to level 10. As children progress, they will build on the skills they learn in each level, learning more advanced acrobatic and tumbling skills on floor and beam, swings and casts on uneven bars and parallel bars, and how to vault over the vault table, All gymnasts are assessed throughout each term and when they reach the pass mark they receive a certificate and move to the next level.

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Junior Gymstar

All Junior Gymstar classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Balance and coordination are just some of the benefits of gymnastics.

Levels 1-2

These levels are for girls and boys who have never been involved in gymnastics previously and focuses on the foundations of gymnastics. The goals of class at this level are to prepare each child for more advanced gymnastics skills, encouraging teamwork and cooperation, and to promote an active lifestyle. Children will develop balance and strength, while learning how to swing, jump, and land safely.

Levels 3-4

These levels build on the foundations learnt in levels 1 and 2. Children will learn more advanced gymnastics skills, which not only prepare them for higher Gymstar levels but also any other sport they choose to play! Gymnasts learn how to land safely from height, basic acrobatic skills like cartwheels and backward rolls, how to swing, spatial awareness and more!

Senior Gymstar

All Senior Gymstar classes are 2 hours in duration and incorporate some strength training. Gymnasts in these levels will have the opportunity to compete during the year!

Gymstar gymnasts at a competition at Eureka

Level 5

This class is for children who have completed the first two recreational levels.  Skills taught in this class are more advanced and continue to build on the skills taught up to level 4.  Children will start learning more advanced skills, acrobatic skills like front saltos on floor and cartwheels on beam, and forward rolls on parallel bars. Gymnasts in these classes may also enjoy the Allstar Tumbling or Gymstar Strength classes.

Level 6-10

In levels 6-10 gymnasts will learn advanced tumbling skills on floor, support and swing skills on bars, advanced dance skills on beam, strength skills on rings and parallel bars, and will start vaulting over the vault table. Gymnasts also learn advanced acrobatic skills on floor and beam, including back saltos and handsprings, backward rolls on parallel bars, and vaulting over the vault table to their feet. Gymnasts in these classes may also enjoy the Allstar Tumbling or Gymstar Strength classes.

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Suitable clothing

Gymnasts must be appropriately dressed for their classes. For girls, leotards are preferred but stretchy tight fitting shorts or leggings and t-shirt are acceptable (no skirts). For boys, stretchy close fitting shorts and t-shirt are acceptable. Underwear should be worn under leotards. Gymnasts are not permitted to wear socks at any time. In winter months, track pants are acceptable, but should not cover the feet and should not have pockets, and a long sleeve top is recommended and can be worn over a leotard.

No: costumes, capes, belts, buckles, zips, jewellery, any items that can scratch the gymnast, the coach, or the equipment.