Gymnastics Classes for Groups

Gymnastics is a proven foundation for all sports and is the best starting point. The skills they learn will benefit them in all areas of learning and for a lifetime. Eureka Gymnastics club runs classes for groups of children from ages 3 to 12, such as a kindergarten, school group or dance group.

Group Classes are fun, challenging, and fundamental for a child’s growth and development! Qualified coaches run all our classes, and the program provides a great foundation for further skill development in all aspects of physical education.

Group gymnastics classes are great for schools, dance studios, or home education groups.
Gymnastics is great fun with your friends!

There are many benefits for kids, especially primary-school age:

  • My hands and fingers learn to catch and grip which helps me handle objects and write well
  • My eyes learn to follow moving objects which helps me when reading a book
  • My feet get stronger and faster which helps me change direction quickly and safely
  • My arms become strong so I can have fun in the playground or sports field
  • My ears learn to listen better and stimulates my balance so I can concentrate better in class
  • My hips become more stable and I can easily bend down to tie shoelaces or pick up a ball
  • My legs become stronger which helps me run faster, jump higher and land safely

Eureka’s group’s program usually runs for eight to ten weeks however we run one-off classes too! We can also modify our programs to suit the needs of your group and participants. All group gymnastics classes are one-hour duration.

We have a ratio of 1 coach to 10 students, and our classes run on a circuit rotation where every child will get to experience all apparatus in the gym.

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