Classes in the Gym Resume!

Classes in the gym resume on Wednesday 28th October!
We’re excited to announce that classes in the gym are resuming!

Indoor classes in the gym resume on Wednesday 28th October. We are excited to be running gymnastics classes indoors once again!

There are a number of important things to keep in mind when coming back to classes resume in the gym. Please ensure you have read the COVIDSafe Handbook.

Density Limits in Classes

This means that there will be fewer classes running each day, and some classes may be smaller to ensure there are no more than 20 people in the gym.

Non-contact physical recreation for those aged 18 years and under to a maximum of 20 people

Summary of further easing in the Third Step, read it here.

Spectators in the Gym

We are only permitting spectators in Under 5s classes, and only one parent per family. Unfortunately, this means that siblings, other family members, or other spectators are not permitted.

Spectators limited to one parent, guardian or carer only, where the child requires parental supervision

Summary of further easing in the Third Step, read it here.

Attending Training when Classes Resume

Gymnasts must come to training with:

  • A drink bottle
  • Wearing shoes
  • Wearing a face mask (if age 12 or over)

These are all things we have put in place to maintain a safe environment. Drink bottles can be refilled, but to keep gymnasts safe (avoiding dehydration) they must have a drink bottle. Sharing of drink bottles is not permitted.

Importantly, wearing shoes help keep the surfaces of the gym clean. Because gymnasts often touch the same surfaces with their hands and their feet it’s important to keep all surfaces as clean as possible.

Face masks are mandatory for anyone age 12 or over any time they leave home, as per Victorian Government directive. So, to ensure the safety of everyone at the gym, athletes age 12 or older must wear a face mask. Gymnasts who are required to wear a face mask must keep it on until the start of their class and put it on again immediately after their class.