girls competing at a gymnastics competition

Start Here, Go Anywhere!

Eureka Gymnastics Club runs fantastic gymnastics classes for children in Ballarat, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. We’d love for your son or daughter to join us! 

Gymnastics Classes in Ballarat

There are many benefits for kids involved in gymnastics classes! If you are considering gymnastics for your child, make sure you check out our list of reasons! We run classes for kids under 5, school-age children and those who have left school. We’re here to help too! If you aren’t quite sure where to start just contact us. You can see all the classes available right now on our Parent Portal.

Enrol now for term two or three, or both! Please make sure you have read the COVIDSafe Handbook, available in our Documents and Policies as acceptance of the policies in this Handbook are mandatory.

We run gymnastics classes for children age 3 years and up, for children who are just starting out through to those who have represented Victoria. Eureka Gymnastics Club is affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria.